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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  August 5, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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continue the conversation on twitter. you can subscribe to the podcast on apple itunes or google play. check out our facebook page. we post a lot of original content there. arthel: president trump is seeing red at a campaign-style rally in ohio ahead of a congressional election tuesday. the president trying to drum up support for the republican candidate in a contest that could show who has the momentum heading into the mid term elections. mike: i'm mike emanuel in for eric shawn. the president talked border security and took swipes at the media while stumping for troy balderson. polls show the race is virtually
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a dead heat in what has traditionally been republican territory. president trump you want to have a border? you want to stop the radical pelosi and waters -- maxine waters -- agenda, there is only one choice in this election. vote for troy balderson. mike: rick leventhal is live from knowledge near the president's bedminster golf course. reporter: the president has no events scheduled today. it's a scorching 94 degrees. it was even hotter at the rally last night ohio. president trump: it's 110 degrees in this crazy room. if you can take it.
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i can take it. so much for my brand-new beautiful suit. reporter: the president hosting his third campaign rally in a week promoting cad for congress. this time for troy balderson who is locked in a dead heat for ohio's 12th congressional district. the president had the crowd chanting "build that wall," and "we want kavanaugh" for his supreme court pick. president trump: whoever has the white house, that party country.
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on the media he wrote, the fake news hates me. mike: rick leventhal leading us off from berkeley heights, new jersey.
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arthel: the president making a prediction about last night's ra rally saying it could be republicans, not democrats riding a wave come november. president trump: they are talking about a blue wave. i don't think so. arthel: joining me now, a reporter for axios. we heard the president say there is going to be a red wave. are there election stats to back up the assertion about a red wave? >> the bottom line is no. there are no signs that point to a red wave. and, you know, one republican pollster close to the house races told us this could look like 2006.
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i don't think the polling points to a red wave. arthel: does this mean there is a blue wave out in the ocean come november or will that swell subside by then? >> that's an interesting point. one thing we could see is the democrats take the house. but with a slim majority. 2 to 5 seats. i think that's because the president does continue to hold super high approval ratings. and he has a jam packed schedule meant to galvanize these voters and that may work. arthel: the president's perennial campaign-style rallies. the president's fans loved them. he loved the rallies. even if it's 110 degrees in the room. he knows how to whip up the
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crowd. do gop strategists believe outside of the rallies the president can drive people to the polls? >> the gop is calling this the barbell election. they have got a bulging mass of favorable trump supporters on one side and a bulging mass of unfavorable democrats on the other. and there is a thin rod of people who could be moved either way. the effect of these voters. it will turn the 2016 voters into 2018 supporters and it will offset the few independents and wealthier suburban voters. arthel: are those suburban affluent voters showing up at those rallies? >> there is no telling who is
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coming to those rallies. independents approval of president trump's rating was trending downward. that's an alarming sign for the gop. arthel: as pole ashizing politics per -- as polarizing politics exists, how does that fare for the president and his party and the democrats. >> galvanizing the base once again. it's hard to get the base to vote for the federal and state candidates. will that work? or will the democrats prevail. troy balderson is the classical conservative candidate and he has john kasich and donald trump
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campaigning for him. arthel: connor is right behind him on his tail at 43-44 respectively. >> donald trump is the most of powerful weapon to bring in so they are bringing him in at game time. mike: national security advisor john bolton denying there is a disconnect. he spoke earlier on an exclusive interview on "fox news sunday." >> everybody who participated in the press conference thursday as has the president on several public occasions that the intelligence community assessment of russian meddling in 2016 is valid. mike: bolton also speaking out on major international developments. gillian turner has the details.
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reporter: bolton took the media on a round the world tour touching on everything from north korea to iran. he he kicked it off for hard-hitting words for the maduro regime necessity venezuela after the recent drone attack. >> they have hard information to present to us that would show a violation of' u.s. criminal law we'll take a serious look at it. but in the meantime we need to focus on the corruption and oppression of the maduro regime. reporter: he punched back against some of the president's critics. >> the hoax is the idea that the trump campaign was the beneficiary of a concerted effort together with the russians to affect the 2016 election. reporter: bolton echoing secretary of state mike pompeo
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when he said the president accepts the intel community's find degrees on the russian interference in the 2016 elections. he says while the whole world is waiting with waiting with bateed breath for another trump-kim summit. he says though they are hopeful about the negotiations, they aren't naive. >> that point may welcome. there is nobody in this administration starry eyed about the prospects of north korea denuclearizing. reporter: he also touched on the ongoing trade war with china and iran. so just 18 months in, president trump's agenda is largely focus and american policy around the world. especially remarkable for a president who ran on a platform
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focused almost exclusively on domestic issues. arthel: there are new developments on the deadly wildfires raging out west. president trump declaring california wildfires a major disaster, ordering federal funds to be made available. 17 major fires are burning throughout the state forcing even more evacuations overnight. marianne i understand there is an unfortunate update in the carr fire. >> that's right. another victim by the massive carr fire which has scorched 150,000 air. a pg and e worker who was trying to restore electricity to residents here shasta county. no word yet on how that utility worker died.
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firefighters continuing to battle the carr fire around the clock which at this point is 41% contained. this is one of many large wildfires burning including the mendocino fire north of san francisco. it burned 200,000 acres and caused hundreds of evacuations. governor jerry brown plead for help yesterday. >> these horrible situations bring people together regardless of the ideologies and partisan considerations. so it's tragic that tragedy brings us closer together. but out of that we learn to depend on each other and work together. reporter: that plea for federal aid answered with president trump clearing the way for federal funding to bolster the
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state's firefighting resources and housing for thousands of californians who lost their homes or had them damaged. a little girl from chico, california, opened a lemon eyed stand to raise money for the crews risking their lives. she already raised $2,000 and she says she plans to donate them to people who lost their homes. mike: a natural disaster in the south pacific claiming the lives of at least three people after a strong earthquake hit indonesia. the magnitude 7 quake shook the island near bali. this comes a week after another quake in the same area killed
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more than a dozen people. arthel: venezuelan president nicholas maduro the target of an assassination attempt. as the paul manafort trial enters a new week, new questions how it will impact the mueller probe. that's up next. >> my position based on everything i know about this case is the following. i believe it's in the best interest of the president and the united states of america and the american people for that investigation to run the course and all the truth to come out. ♪motorcycle revving ♪ motorcycle revving ♪ no matter who rides point, ♪ there are over 10,000 allstate agents riding sweep.
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>> concern on a number of reasons. a series of the questioning goes to the heart and cover his authority as president of the united states. why did you fire james comey? there is a whole series of those those. >> jay sekulow did not give a time frame. but says they are moving as expeditiously as possible. he tweeted about the meeting in trump tower. the one organized and attended by his son donald trump, jr. the president denied prior knowledge of the meeting and he's worried about his son's potential let exposure. he says the reports are a complete fabrication. he says they were meetings to get information on an opponent. totally legal in politics and it went nowhere. >> when you look at a meeting that took place a year -- about
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two years ago. the question is what law, statute or rule or regulation has been violated, and nobody pointed to one. >> they pointed to conspiracy to defraud the united states. >> i don't represent don, jr., but i have no knowledge of don, jr. being told he's the target of an investigation and i have no knowledge of him being interviewed by the special counsel. reporter: paul manafort prepares for his second week before a federal judge in virginia. the special counsel indicted man for the orall of these charges. in may the judge accused the special counsel of bringing the charges to get information on trump. they are big elephants in the room throughout the first week.
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mike: let's bring in david rifkin. there is great anticipation about the testimony of the prosecution's tar witness, rick gates who is a paul manafort business associate. why is he so critical to this case. >> manafort's lawyers are basically arguing despite some damaging testimony by his accountant and other people. he was a big picture guy. was not involved in various financial transactions. and therefore, so it's all mr. gates' fault. i don't think it's a credible argument. there is evidence he signed his tax returns and communicated directly with his accountant. but that's basically their get out of jail free card as far as in manafort is concerned.
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those offenses while they don't look attractive, have nothing to do with mr. trump. president trump. or the 2016 campaign. they all occurred years and years ago. assuming mr. manafort is indeed convicted, i don't see how that provides any forward momentum for the special counsel on the russian collusion which i think is essentially moribund by now. mike: how tough do they get in cross-examining gates? >> discrediting him frankly is not the same as getting -- as getting mr. manafort to a good place.
9:23 am
it's entirely possible and probable that mr. manafort and mr. gates with the picture of the financial offenses they committed. mike: what about the testimony that manafort approved every penny and not rick gates. >> from what i have seen, mr. manafort is in bad shape. even without any testimony by mr. gates, the testimony we have seen so far including the bookkeeper is very, very damaging. mike: do you anticipate paul manafort will take the stand? >> again, i'm not his lawyer. but probably not. because that would open up opportunities obviously for the prosecution to cross-examine him. and elicit damaging information.
9:24 am
my prediction is he would not testify. >> what do you make of the pace of this trial so far with prosecutors calling dozens of witnesses to the stand since 2ue tuesday. >> it's not called rocket docket for nothing. he's an excellent judge, he's properly sceptical of government's presentation that in many cases has been overwrought. all the testimony about silk suits and ostrich jackets. we understand why they are doing that. but the government has spent a bit too much time doing that. and the judge chastised them. i see this trial being wrapped up pretty quickly. mike: thanks for your time in
9:25 am
sharing your analysis. arthel: the taliban claiming it's behind another deadly suicide bombing in afghanistan. this one taking the lives of nato service members. the trump administration readying to reimpose sanctions on iran after threats. will the tactic bring iran to the nonnegotiablating table? >> tomorrow is the date the iran agreementme effectively dies. el] ahoy-hoy. alexander graham bell here... no, no, my number is one, you must want two! two, i say!! like my father before... [telephone ring] like my father before...
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the most dividing lawmakers on capitol hill over whether it will ultimately bring diplomacy appeared first former vice presidential candidate joe lieberman early this morning on "sunday morning futures" with maria. >> the regime in tehran has a lot of troubles. the economy is tanking their currency has lost 80% in the last year. their protests going on in cities all over the country. if the government in tehran is sensible and not extremists, which it usually is, it will come back to the table for its own well-being or there may well be a second iranian revolution. arthel: jim walsh, international security and research associate with m.i.t. security studies program and also an expert on iran. good to have you here, jim. >> good to be with you. tranter is your personal note does sanction or in companies doing business with iran.
9:31 am
we are at the halfway mark of more fighting sanctions. break it all down for us and explained the strategy. >> sure. there's really two big pieces of sanctions now. one now a month later november. the one in november will be against oil sales. the president will issue some waivers for that, but the idea is to scare off customers who might buy iranian oil. what we see tomorrow is the prohibition on sales of airplanes, for example, boeing signed a $47 billion deal with iran. that's not carried out after tomorrow. and they will go after some european companies. remember, european partners are still in the iran deal. we were the ones who pulled out. we'll start punishing europeans still in the deal if they don't stop abiding by the deal. we will go after european companies in european banks.
9:32 am
arthel: boeing is suffering to the tune of $40 billion. >> i was a big piece of the deal. specifically mentioned in the 159 page text was provided for by boeing in particular. the older iran deal weren't going to do business with iran, but they very much wanted to have american airplanes, american airplane parts of that was specifically put in the deal for them. that is next as of tomorrow. arthel: last week president trump publicly said they would meet with iran's president without conditions although as you know, secretary of state pompeo outlined and then president rouhani said no thank you. how do you analyze this? >> i'm not surprised. you might remember when the president first announced this some time ago, he said in the middle of the announcement if i were the iranians i probably wouldn't negotiate either. and you can see why the iranians
9:33 am
feel like we have this agreement. we spent three years negotiating it. we've been abiding by it. you're on intel community says they been following the rules. arthel: whited president trump ol? >> i do not think it was a good idea. i praise the president. it's a good thing. it was a big mistake to pull out of the iran deal. no one else followed his animus. american leadership is about you and your friends and allies to follow you. everyone else is still in the deal. he raises the possibility of things start to go south and unravel, iran says we are going to restart or centrifuges and back and forth it goes. i don't think that will happen immediately, but it goes in that direction, the risk of conflict increases dramatically. i thought it was a good deal. i hope it can be salvaged but i think for political reasons it is hard for the iranians to say
9:34 am
you worked at the deal and we'll come back and talk to you appeared at the hard thing to pull off. arthel: germany, franceand the u.k. and russia still in the deal. why is it important for the u.s. and iran to maintain diplomatic lines from a diplomatic lines of communication. who should be involved, the most immediate: what about down the road? >> i was think you want to maintain diplomatic contact. it's more important with your adversaries than your friends. hold your friends close and enemies closer. you want communication because you don't want people to mess up , miscalculate, misunderstand something you're doing. some folks in iran who think the u.s. is going to come and attack them. i don't think that's going to happen, but i'm sure people in iran think that because of all the statements back and forth. if you keep an open line of communication, even with your enemies it helps reduce the chances of conflict.
9:35 am
arthel: meanwhile, the pentagon monitoring exercises. how troublesome are those exercises? >> i think everyone is sending signals to one another. if you're in a ringing defense cleaner you have to assume that the u.s. is coming after you. people in the administration have advocated. if you're earning your money, taking her salary, you've got to give credit for that. exercises and build stuff, prepare for that. you can't afford to be caught off guard. they will do things like this and there's also the chance i hope it's not true that they become more provocative in the persian gulf as a way to send the turn signal. thus a sort of thing going back to your earlier question why you need to have strong communications with your enemies. if someone does screw up you can prevent something worse from happening. they will continue to do that as we are entitled to do, will
9:36 am
continue to sail in those waters and keep them open for oil and other trade. eric: jim walsh, always a pleasure. thank you. >> thank you, arthel. >> the taliban claimed responsibility for deadly attack in eastern afghanistan. a suicide bomber killing three nato soldiers on foot patrol in the parwan providence. also wanted the u.s. soldier two afghan troops. david lee miller live from jerusalem with more. hi, david lee. >> mike, a bloody weekend in afghanistan. the taliban suicide bomber killed three nato soldiers from the czech republic and as you mentioned, wounded a u.s. soldier. this happening in the eastern part of the country two afghan forces were also injured in parwan providence. the nato forces as you mentioned were on foot when they were in
9:37 am
attack. john nicholson in charge of u.s. and nato troops in afghanistan says, quote, my thoughts and prayers along with all 41 resolute support nations that the families of our fallen and wounded service members and are injured afghan brothers and their families. their sacrifice one door in both our hearts and history. although nato's combat mission in afghanistan ended in 2014 about 16,000 u.s. and nato forces under operation resolute support remain in the country. they say they are there to train, advise and assist afghan national defense and security forces and protect citizens in a sustainable manner. the czech republic currently has about 230 forces on the ground in afghanistan and announced plans to increase the number to 390 and in southern afghanistan, for afghan troops were killed in yet another taliban attack. this one happened on saturday. the local police chief said that nine taliban fighters were killed in the ensuing gun
9:38 am
battle. lastly, the taliban banned claiming now that it has captured resulting from the gunbattle a number of afghan soldiers. mike. mike: it may not be a one is at this point, but a number of servicemembers making significant sacrifice there. david lee miller, many thanks. arthel: was it a freak explosion or an assassination attempt. what venezuela is saying about the public event attended by its president. new details in the 34 missing college student. why investigators are returning to a hog farm in iowa. alright, i brought in new max protein give you the protein you need with less of the sugar you don't. i'll take that.
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[music playing] across the country, we walk. carrying flowers that signify why we want to end alzheimer's disease. but what if, one day, there was a white flower for alzheimer's first survivor? what if there were millions of them? join us for the alzheimer's association walk to end alzheimer's. register today at mike: investigators in iowa returning to it big farm and questioning the owner. the ongoing search for missing student mollie tibbetts. she mysteriously disappeared more than two weeks ago. live in brooklyn, iowa with the
9:43 am
latest. reporter: might come as so far the fbi has showed up to the hog farmers about their team miles away from where mollie tibbetts of passing. they will show up again today. i personally spoke to the farmer and he insists he has nothing to do it the case. he said he's never seen mollie tibbetts and tells us he would allow the fbi or authorities to search his entire 70-acre property because he says they would not find anything. the manas not been named a suspect right now. in fact, there were no suspects named publicly and no arrests. right now the reward for mollie tibbetts has risen to $260 at the family has partnered with crimestoppers because they tell us they believe mollie tibbetts is alive and being held captive somewhere and they're raising the money to pay someone off to release her. her mother and father pleading for any information say no tip is too small and her boyfriend saying he will not comment on what he thinks happened.
9:44 am
>> everybody has their own theories but i'm just kind of leaving it up to the law enforcement to figure that one out. i just don't want to go racking through my brain thinking of what happened, what happened, just driving myself insane because i know everybody else around here is. reporter: crimestoppers say they are getting help from around the country. family, please send crimestoppers are encouraging a friend across the united states to dial the 1800 to find if anyone has any information. mike: let's hope and pray mollie tibbetts bloglines get some tips. arthel: indeed. venezuela's president dodging what supporters call an assassination attempt during a speech broadcast on live television. president nicolas maduro now promising the maximum punishment for those responsible. let's go live to steve harrigan with more who is the president responsible at this time.
9:45 am
>> the president right now is blaming people he says who oppose his regime in the united states and in colombia. he's really pointing the finger outside at who caused this. there were real moments of panic on the ground in caracas that 5:30 p.m. saturday. the president, nicolas maduro a one-time bus driver who's been ruined with an iron hand for the past five years giving a speech in about 102 loud explosions. and then there was pandemonium on the ground. you see soldiers running in every direction addressing the national guard at the time before the live feed was cut. maduro has blamed outside forces in the u.s. and colombia. he said this was clearly an attempt to kill him. here is maduro. >> today they attempted to assassinate me and i have no doubt that everything points to the right. the venezuelans are right in alliance with the colombian far right. >> government officials say that
9:46 am
it's hosted drones are used to kill maduro during this speech, but there is some skip a schism on the ground inside venezuela. local firefighters said there was a gas explosion in apartment loathing that may have been the source of the blast. whichever turns out to be true, it does show the shaky hold this 50 federal farmer bodyguard hugo chavez does have a hold on power inside venezuela. it's really been a disaster with the economy tanking right now. inflation rate is due to hit 1000000% this year so there's a lot of people who want to see maduro out of office. back to you. arthel: steve harrigan, thank you very much. >> north korea returning remains of american service members killed in the korean war, but the fate of some pows remains a mystery. up next we hear from the son of one missing hero seeking answers after more than 60 years of uncertainty.
9:47 am
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mike: tensions land between then u.s. and north korea.
9:51 am
the north: u.s. pressure to keep sanctions in place on pyongyang alarming. this is the country does with those one part of its pledge from the summit returning 55 set of hostile remains from american service members killed in the korean war. >> some have called the korean war the forgotten war. but today, we prove these heroes were never forgotten. they were also has been, fathers, brothers and neighbors, long gone, but never lost in the memory of their loved ones. >> the remains of u.s. air force major samuel porter lubin junior were not among the ones return. logan was believed to have been taken as a prisoner of war entries b-29 is down during a bombing mission over north korea back in 1950. i'm joined now by this son mike logan. great to see you.
9:52 am
>> thanks, mike, appreciate it. on behalf of my family and the gold star families and all those pows and mias families of north korea, thank you for having me on. mike: yes i miss her. 7697 remain unaccounted for for the korean conflict. one is your dad. what is that to mike for your family? >> well, it's been rough. mainly because the cynical nature of the united states government and the united nations not to release information and not to be diligent in their search for the remains and/or what happened to the pow in the mias of north korea. >> what kind of emotions were you going through infected by sets of possible remains were returned? my guess is you feel a bond with those families. >> absolutely. it's great 55 people have the
9:53 am
hope that the remains of their fallen heroes are being returned. i am somewhat concerned about the fact that it might take years to find out who was actually returned when they could turn those remains over to an independent lab and probably learn what happened to them or who it was within a few months. here again, that is part of their government bureaucracy that's been a problem with the prisoners of war in the mia of north korea since 65 years back. mike: are you hopeful during the north korean regime you make it answers soon about your dad? >> yes. soon i don't think, but eventually may be so. i think every time that president trump and mike pompeo meet with the chinese or the soviet union and russians they ought to ask where is sam logan because he was known to be captured. they had pictures of him that
9:54 am
were taken when he was captured in those pictures didn't show up in the american press. they showed up in the soviet union as propaganda. they were interested in him than they probably had him. mike: it is believed they did not return american prisoners as word with as many as 800 americans, alarming is that for you another patriotic american families. >> it is not alarming because i've lived with it. i learned more from this hook right here from american trophies by mark sauter and john zimmer laid than anything i've read or was received from the united states government. they have really done a great job in anybody that's interested in what is going on with the pow mia in north korea ought to get their book and read it. it's extremely informative. sometimes we all have short attention spans these days. remind us of the brutality of
9:55 am
the north koreans to american prisoners of war. >> well, the camp they kept the men were horrible. even conditions were horrible and that's never mentioned. the fact that they marked him for days without food, water or medical attention and if they fell by the wayside there was hundreds of those. they never kept records of the ones that were buried. the ones they returned, we don't know if they were american soldiers are south koreans hold yours or who. i'm a little bit doubtful. we have previous prisoners of war that have been returned. the remains have been returned and they were buried in hawaii. mike: we thank you and your family and we appreciate your time, sir. >> thank you, mike. we will be right back.
9:56 am
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mike: one of the most powerful cars in the world on the auction block. 1962 furry 250 gto similar to the one seen here will go on sale later this month. it is worth between 45 and $60 million which would make it the most active car ever sold at an auction.
10:00 am
38 million is how much another 1952 ferrari 250 gto went for four years ago. i'll pick in 1962 ford falcon, please. we are back at 4:00. up and join join us. mike: more news now from washington with leland vittert and elizabeth prann. in the resonant trumpet the tweet and on everything from the rush investigation after a major campaign rally for national election in ohio set for tuesday. leland: for other states holding primaries on the same day including michigan where the president endorsed reverend john james in john james and the risk of the gop senate candidate. interview with james and his thoughts coming up. tomorrow, i ran facing the effects of new u.s. sanctions after president trump pulled out of the nuclear treaty with tehran. national security adviser john bolton speaks out fox news.


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